Available Kittens

Papillon rescuing her boy from the photoshoot

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Spot & Pepin, born February 13

On 2/15/19, I went to the gym at 11:00 and returned at 12:30 to find Spot with FOUR kittens. Usually when a birth is delayed that long the kitten doesn't survive; not only did this one survive, but I can't tell which one it is, except that it's one of the boys. These kittens are all promised.

Blue Collar boy. He is going to live with another Anjou cat at Stephen's

Yellow Collar boy is going to live with Conrad's family.

This litte guy is joining another Anjou cat at the O'Meara's.

And the only girl is going to stay here.

Looks like 5 girls and one boy. Oh boy. 

Photos  below were taken on March 22, when kittens were 5 weeks 2 days old. Except, of course, for one boy.

And at 12 days.  These are gorgeous kittens. 

Polly & Henry, March 10

On 2/13/19, there were 2 boys and a girl

At 10 days

Yellow Collar girl, 18 days

Grey Collar Girl, 18 days

Green Collar Girl. 18 days

Blue Collar Girl, 18 days

And Polly's Boy, at 18 days. He is the sweetest kitten. Tara has fallen in love with him so I'm going to have to let him go. But he'll be with one of the snow boys so it's all good.

Polly's Red Collar girl at 18 days

At 25 days. Beautiful chaining on her back.                   And at 32 days. Available.

At 25 days You can't tell here but she has more red in her coat. Available.

At 25 days. She's going to live with Nicolette and her family.

     At 25 days. Gorgeous silky coat.         And at 32 days. She is going to live with Jason

And at 32 days. Her name is Scarlet and she's going to live with Susan and her boys