Available Kittens

Papillon rescuing her boy from the photoshoot

Hot Flash's girl 1 at 3 1/2 weeks. Now known as Spot and what a troublemaker. Pure Bengal.

Groundhog Day: cause for celebration, the birth of 5 kittens by Flash and Beauty. Looks like 4 girls and a boy, 3 marbles and 2 spotted. The marbles are going to be gorgeous. The spotteds already are.

Grey Collar girl at 11 days--working on opening her eyes. Someone is going to be very lucky--she's still available.

Red Collar girl at 11 days. I think she's got the eye thing down. She's going to live with George and his family.

Yellow Collar girl at 11 days. She'll have those eyes open tomorrow. Good girl. She's going to live with Francesca.

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Green Collar girl at 11 days. She is going to live with Lisa here in New Jersey

Beauty's only boy at 11 days. Yes, he's the biggest. Just look at those rosettes forming. He's going to live with Kathy.

Born to Henry and Hot Flash early this morning, (February 18) 4 girls and a boy. I think. There is still one kitten from this litter available.

OOPS!! Make that 2 boys--another kitten just showed up. So there are 2 available kittens from this litter.