Available Kittens 2

Hot Flash & Charlie, 3/20/19

Red Collar Girl at 12 days. Her eyes opened first.

Yellow Collar girl, 12 days old. 

Grey Collar Girl, 12 days. Still working on those eyes. Good girl, no hurry.

Black Collar Boy, 23 days old. Looks like glitter on him. He is going to live with John and Joe and their parents.

And finally, Green Collar boy at 23 days. Taking time out from charging around. Lucky Peggy and Hugh, he's going to Bengaland.

Beauty & Henry, 3/20/2019

Grey Collar Boy at 12 days. He has the eye thing down pat. He and Hot Flash's Yellow Collar are going to live with Matt.

Yellow Collar boy at 12 days. Beautiful rosettes. He's going to Starangel to be loved by Peggy and her queens

Red Collar Boy is still working on those eyes. 12 days old here and he'll have it down by tomorrow. He's going to live with Maysoon.

Blue Collar Boy has the eye thing and rosettes. Good boy. He's going to live with Stephanie.

Green Collar Boy is more golden. And silky. 

And Pretty Little Girl is definitely a girl. She's going to Karen's with Hot Flash's Red Collar girl.

Here she is at 23 days. She's going to live with Karen.

And at 23 days. Great contrast, big rosettes.  Moving in with Matt and Beauty's Grey Collar boy

She got the eye thing. Here she is at 23 days. She is joining Beauty's Blue Collar boy to live with Stephanie and her family

There is one available kitten in this litter.

There are no available kittens left in this litter.

Beautiful Green Collar boy at 9 weeks. Available.